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Members of the band

  Ari Kokko - vocals, guitars
  Risto Malm - bass
  Pauli Heikkinen - lead guitars
  Aarne Kangas - keyboard
  Donny Van Der Blom - drums

General info

  ZeroCrowd is a melancholic/melodic rock-based metal band from Finland. In the music band compains melancholic melodies with rough guitar riffs, vocals change from clean to harsh depending on song`s atmosphere. All these elements create the great feeling, roughness and atmosphere to the music. In the beginning of 2004 ZeroCrowd recorded their first EP “Inside” with theRMS guitarist Teemu Hostikka and released it via their own label Zeromedia.

Download free music

Screwdriver Blues n/a Download
Zeropoint n/a Download

Latest tracks

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