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The Zen Genies

The Zen Genies
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Members of the band

  Greg Drums
  Jeff vocals
  Tinks Guitar
  Mark Lead
  Andy Bass 1986-89
  Pete Bass 1990

General info

  The Zen Genies dwelt inside the deepest darkest cellars of the Sydney indie scene during the late 80's early 90's.
  The Genies were known for their wild live shows which included coffins, sex dolls and the occasional zombie make up.
  Their brand of power punk surf pop saw them sign to Timberyard records where they released two singles, "I'm Hangin' out" B/W Six Foot under and Surfin' Vampire B/w Pyscho Clown. Both singles made the australian alternative top 10.
  Early 1990 saw the realease of the Zen Genies album "Dr Death", Rolling Stone Australia described the album as "commercials for the criminally insane." Unfortunatley the band broke up the same year. Renewed interest in the band overseas has seen the release of a compilation CD "Monster Hits" and a possible tour. The Zen Genies may not have been the biggest or most talented band on the scene but they were certainly the most strange.

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PSYCHO CLOWN 1.95 MB Download
SURFIN' VAMPIRE 3.21 MB Download

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