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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Pat Andrews - Guitars, Keyboards & Drums

General info

  Zelig is the mostly unread but critically loved author of works such as "Being & Nothingness: How to Tell Them Apart" and the well ignored "Organic and Still Brilliant - Supermarket Zen Exercises for Grocers"
  The close to deranged Zelig lives in New Orleans and is given to this and that, although sometimes in the other order. He has also been spotted ignoring ecological disasters, beating metaphors with personified nouns and waiting for something to happen.
  His hobbies include travel, being outraged, current events, politics, not quilting and not caring that he doesn't quilt. He is quite passionate about not using exclamation points and is on a lifelong search to find inappropriate times to use the word "Willy-nilly."

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Anyway n/a Download
Infinity n/a Download
Paronoia Project 9 n/a Download

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