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Members of the band

  Members wish to remain anonymous.
  Instruments played:
  Drumkit, Electric guitar, Electronic sounds editor & Bass guitar
  All instruments except drumkit are not played too loud.

General info

  Dark emotional dissonance
  Z-CORE allow emotions of anger to run wild while writing and performing.
  Genuine explorers of numerous realms of hatred, depression and anger…
  Z-CORE will begin to relive the excitement of evil through each and every track completed.
  Grindcore at it’s worst…
  Z-CORE Intend to create yet another dreaded piece of the unsigned.
  Favorite tracks completed are probably “I hate this” and “I don’t care”
  Soon to come:
  Creative disease: The split CD From Z-CORE and Z-CHYLD
  Keep a look out!
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Download free music

A fall in reality 1.24 MB Download
I hate this 0.69 MB Download
Influences through the creative disease 0.55 MB Download
Let the bastards have it 0.47 MB Download
Macabre 0.56 MB Download
Recreation 1.32 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks