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SixtySix Records

SixtySix Records
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Stefan Wiespeiner - voc
  Conny Gruber - git
  Francis Rafal - bass
  Christian Leikam - drums
  Stefan Seywald - git

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  Looking for new challenges, taking the difficult path and realizing unusual ideas, while striving towards
  the same goals, songs off the beaten track of mainstream music with lyrics that don‘t just bounce off but get under your skin – that is YOUNO. For a long time we have absorbed various
  situations in life and we have framed them with melodies and words. In this single are already noticeable. This is then mixed with a unique voice and you can nearly picture how the YOUNO-sound raises pulse rates.
  The songs are characterized by contradictions, which accompany us in everyday life, which are provocative
  and force us to reflect. The omnipresent poison, in which ever form it may take which seduces
  and lures us even though we know about its effects. A dangerous walk on the border between paradise
  and hell, joy and suffering, jest and earnest. But do not forget, the dose makes the poison.
  The gentle-sweet melodies in the chorus as well as in the verse are a striking characteristic of YOUNO.
  The YOUNO band-slogan: No pain, no glory.

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Akasha - Under My Wings n/a Download
Youno - Burning Messias n/a Download
Youno - Fake n/a Download

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