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Yes Please!

Yes Please!
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Members of the band

  Mikael Jurmu - guitars, vocals
  Teppo Meriläinen - guitars, backing vocals
  Aleksi Luukka - bass
  Max Ahlstörm - drums

General info

  Yes Please! is a rock band from Finland which plays groovy 60’s/70’s brit rock/pop with gentle Hawaii tunes. The music is joyful and surprising with great feelings. Since 2003 Max, Mikael and Teppo have been rocking at Maxs. Ville got later in the band. Now they are here with their first record/demo “Double toast, Double flavour”. It contains four fabulous songs which are recorded mainly live at studio “Volume Tuotanto” by Pete Matara.
  Yes Please! is a live rocking band. Many bands say about themselves “we are tight live band and stunning performer”. But you know seeing and hearing live Yes Please! is not just a regular gig. It’s good music, first-rate show, dizzy and exiting guitar solos, unbelievable drum fills, inspiring bass lines and excellent singing. That’s Yes Please!

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It's not so easy n/a Download
Story under your hat n/a Download
Time is moving n/a Download
What it's all about n/a Download

Latest tracks

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