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Members of the band

  (Lineup from left to right)
  Piippo - Bass
  Kangas : Guitar
  I.B - Vocals
  Kuusisalo - Drums
  Ahmaoja : Guitar/Vocals
  Ex-Drummer - Löytynoja

General info

  Ydin was formed in Ylivieska in autumn 2003. Line-up (I.B. – vocals, Ahmaoja – guitar, Kangas – guitar, Piippo – bass and Löytynoja – drums) was found pretty fast and style of the music was clear. Raw Death Metal sung in Finnish.
  After active rehearsing and song composing about in christmas 2003 Ydin has got five songs ready for recording.
  They were recorded in Coffin –studios which were operated by Löytynoja. Session toke a quite long time but in autumn 2004
  Ydin´s first recording "Verityöt" was released. This piece of art, which glooms with visions of death and coldness, was sent in different medias for reviews. The feedback was quite good.
  In February 2005 Ydin entered again the Coffin –studios to record follower for Verityöt (Bloodworks). This time recordings went quite fast, it took four days actually. Name of this recording is "Silvottuna ja Häpäistynä" (Mutilated and Dishonoured).
  Soon after recording session Löytynoja decided to leave the band. Ydin did not want to release a record before it has found a new drummer. Searching continued long but finally they found Kuusisalo.
  The new blood fitted the band well and feedback for the record was good again.
  During 2007 Ydin recorded five more songs. Session was long and hard because there were a lot of different misfortunes.
  Mixing and mastering was done again in Coffin –studios by Löytynoja. The name of the record is "Saasta" (Scum).
  Now in March 2008, when Saasta is released, we can say that if it doesn´t kill you, it just makes you stronger...
  Ydin is looking for a record deal and is ready for gigs and of course continues its work with violent music.

Download free music

02. Ydin - Verityöt 2004 - Kuoleman kaunistama n/a Download
03. Ydin - Verityöt 2004 - ...tuhkaksi n/a Download
Ydin - LKD [Saasta 2008] n/a Download
Ydin - Promo2005 - Inho n/a Download
Ydin - Promo2005 - Kylmä ydin n/a Download
Ydin - Ruttolainen [Saasta 2008] n/a Download
Ydin - Uhriutus [Saasta 2008] n/a Download

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