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Crystal Experience

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Members of the band

  Voice, Keyboards & Synthesizer : Marnix Schmitz
  Keyboards & Fluid : Marco Robertson
  Bass Guitar : Emiel ?

General info

  Creative Development.
  Is Proceeded by a victory upon your ego.
  This victory brings you to the point,
  Where you can create something.
  That's greater than one self.
  The Crystal Experience Presents: "La Lumiere Violetta"
  Recorded at C.E.M. Studio in the year 1987
  OudeKraan 26 Arnhem
  The Netherlands

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Fun Page A n/a Download
Fun Page B n/a Download
Hinight n/a Download
SinClare n/a Download
TapeEnd n/a Download
TapeLoops II n/a Download
TapeLoops III n/a Download

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