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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Jazon Dion Fletcher
  John Paul Galloway

General info

  Childhood friends who wanted to start a metal band, Xmuzik is a Louisiana electronica music & poetry group based in the Bible Belt that mixes many electronic & contemporary music styles ranging from electronica to black metal to folk to country. They differentiate themselves through the use of highly experimental yet accessable electronic music mixed with poetry & prose made mostly with cheap computers & software.
  Influenced by such groups as Acid Bath , The Doors , & the electronic artists that were
  promoted in and around the New Orleans area by the Outlaw Donnie Disco of the Freebass Society.
  Jazon got the idea that maybe he & John should scrap the whole metal band idea & try to use
  some of the new electronic equipment & software that was beginning to come out in the 90's after
  finding a party of Donnie's Online.
  A interesting fact about Jazon is that he shares his Oct. 22nd birthday with the late LSD Guru Timothy Leary.
  They have 1 full length net label album to their credit " The Streets Of A New World Order " that is shared freely throughout the internet & electronic underground. In no way are they affiliated with The RIAA.

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Electric Daisies n/a Download
The Skeleton That Liked To Skribble n/a Download
Visions Of The Living Photograph n/a Download

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