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thee Gnostic Accelerants

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Members of the band

  Dagaz Wyrmspear
  X. Dao Yu
  Fraktured Desire

General info

  Since 2003, thee Gnostic Accelerants have struggled laboriously with musical alchemy & anarchy, (around the 'reality' of 9-5 jobs) to manipulate the brainwaves of unsuspecting users everywhere. Enjoy!
   Our 2nd album is currently in production. It should be done by July, in preparation for the Gaian Mind festival.
   If the songs here sound as if they've been cut wrong, they are all part of a larger concept album entitled 'Love under Bill'. Collect them all & recreate the proper running order!
  **Unfortunatley, due to mp3 lizard's upload limits, we will not be able to upload the final 2 tracks of this album. Please send an email to if you want them, and they will be emailed to you. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this album so far for your support.**
  (NO REFUNDS. tGa is NOT responsible for any uncontrollable urges resulting from the use of this music, including but not limited to unfulfillment with american life, rape, murder, necrophilia, sudden-onset tourette's, nausea & vomiting when in the presence of catholics. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Download free music

Ainulindale n/a Download
Arrhthymatic Response n/a Download
Chemical Honeymoon n/a Download
Drifter n/a Download
Drunkstrutz n/a Download
Haunted (track 10) n/a Download
Mating Danse of the Haradrim n/a Download

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