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Members of the band

  Cocked and Ready: Kill'n Mics. Also drumbs too nikka.
  Omar Carbomb: Ripp'n Phones. And bass. The fish fuel.
  Steve Knife: Drink'n Whiskey cause they call me Steve Knife Hiskey. Axe or some shiz nero.

General info

  Yo, we be like the hardest blog bassed mutherfuck'n gangsta rappers up in all dem internets son. Respect that shit fuel! Or we be roll'n on you neros Xangonia stizhaul.
  Shout out to Big Matt. The mutherfuck'n founder of the feast son.
  Yo, now we even be play'n dem bitch ass instruments an shit. What, you think just cause we hard tass thugs we can't be ripp'n some out jazz? Shit! Chall finna know how it be.
  --Knife Out

Download free music

9-11 part II (Da Mix Tape Chall!) n/a Download
A Thug Supreme n/a Download
but I'm finna: The Masterpiece n/a Download
Challs Cops: Black Knights Bitches Better Run. n/a Download

Latest tracks

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