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Xanadu Rockerīs

Xanadu Rockerīs
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Jim Taika - A Home Computer.

General info

  Style is my own thing, with influences from Acid House, Ambient, Electro, Techno..
  Bands like Carlos Peron, Yello, Higher Intelligence Agency, Kraftwerk.

Download free music

1 - Sound Of Rydeen 4.23 MB Download
Acid In My House 4.88 MB Download
Alarmuska 4.02 MB Download
Black Coffee and Silverbox vrs.C 5.25 MB Download
Dusty Speaker 4.13 MB Download
FM-plagiaatti 3.90 MB Download
GASIII 4.33 MB Download
Hirviö 4.35 MB Download
NRGisé 4.31 MB Download
Pirtelö 4.22 MB Download
Witch from Kansas 5.75 MB Download

Latest tracks

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