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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Maitland (Bass, Vocals)
  Adam Schwartz (Guitar, Vocals)
  Larry LeBron (Drums, Vocals)
  Kris Yunker (Keys, Vocals)

General info

  When no other name fits, invent one... and make it fun to say.
  Defined as the inverse of deja-vu, this experimental psychedelic fusion band's name conveys how you'll feel at one of their shows. You're doing something familiar yet somehow, it's completely fresh, like the first time - that's wubakia.
  Fans who've witnessed this quartet interweaving Balinese Kecak chants into Isaac Hayes' Shaft or hauling a Hammond organ into a eucalyptus forest for a Pranksters-style test (complete with coordinated multi-layered video projection) will attest that this group lives up to its name.
  Wubakia features four musician/vocalists: Larry LeBron on drums, Adam Schwartz on guitar, Maitland Vaughan-Turner wielding the bass, and Kris Yunker on an array of keyboards. These players bring to the stage a passion for experimentation and a diverse set of influences, ranging from Yes and Pink Floyd to Britney Spears and Sun Ra. This adds up to a widely varied catalog of songs and a live experience that's constantly pushing new ground.
  On a given night, they'll share a soulful Grapefruit Sunset, laden with dynamic improvisation, and segue smoothly into a retro-funky rendition of the Sesame Street Pinball Number Count. The jam will resolve into the anomalous Traci Malone, in which listeners are submerged on a sonic journey to probe surreal watery depths. This all transpires without a pause in the sound, as the crowd dances in a fervor and the musicians' smiles grow. Everyone in the venue knows things won't unfold in quite this way again.
  Wubakia has been thriving in the Santa Cruz scene for nearly two years, captivating crowds at Moe's Alley, the Catalyst and Don Quixote's. Now, they're actively embracing more listeners and locales, so keep an ear out.
  If today's feeling new in an uncanny way, they’re nearby.

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Backdoor (Spectral Storm, 2008.09.24) n/a Download
Dr Benway n/a Download
One Tear (Galactic Mirror, 2008.07.05 High Sierra) n/a Download
Spectral Jam (Spectral Wizard, 2008.07.21) n/a Download
The Planetary Wizards (Planetary Wizrd, 2008.06.11 n/a Download

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