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Members of the band

  Line up for the 2003 Australian TOUR
  Wolf Mail - Guitar/vocals
  Bas Khoury - Bass
  Pat Hopkins - Drums

General info

  Hendrix and Stevie Ray may be dead and gone but their spirit lives on….its name is Wolf Mail.
  Forget the guys striking good looks and easy going personality this resident of L.A. currently visiting the antipodes has to be seen on stage to be believed. His latest CD Solid Ground has had regular airplay on Mojos andJellyrolls over the past few months but nothing could prepare you for this guy live on stage. Wolf doesn’t believe in playing safe and when he performs his recorded stuff he goes way outside the square….as
  he explained "you wanna hear the CD ..stay home and listen to it on ya stereo.
  It took about 12 bars before Wolf was drenched in sweat as he wrung every nuance and lick he could muster out of his Telecaster……the influences could be heard…Jimi and Stevie Ray but not as copies but as a basis for his own incredible style and technique.
  The sounds he produced from the back pickup of that Tele had to be heard to be believed
  Over the other side of the festival grounds the Thunderbirds were coming onstage but no-one was leaving the Southside tent while ever Wolf stayed on stage.
  When you start your set as full on as Mail did you wonder how long he could keep it up but just when you thought it couldn’t get any better he kicked it up another notch.
  Obviously this guy is at one with his guitar….an extension of his body…he knew every millimetre of that fretboard and he coaxed those strings into submission…..but wait there’s more the guy possesses a voice that will raise chicken skin down ya back enough gravel to give it that country blues feel but still with a range that doesn’t limit the melody of his tunes....TONY JAGGERS

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Blue Rose (Live in Australia 2003) 2.01 MB Download
Going Down (Live in Australia 2003) 2.01 MB Download

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