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Woke Up Falling

Woke Up Falling
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Members of the band

  josh hill-veggie burger
  zak martin-chicken nuggets
  gordie muscutt-grilled cheese

General info

  The first note is what hits you the most. Like an electroshock,
  singer Gordie Muscutt’s voice warns you that Woke Up Falling has changed.
  It’s been three years since they released "Dividing Blue from Blue" a
  dreamy-goth emo effort that deservedly garnered them attention from
  indie press and led to three years of touring, 4 different bass players, a
  new drummer and a fleeting buzz in their hometown of Portland, OR. At the
  end of it all they were left with what they started with, a desire to
  create the music that they wanted to whether or not it was considered
  revolutionary, original or cool. Most of the fair-weather friends had
  left, the buzz was gone - moving onto another band of the moment, and
  Woke Up Falling said “fuck it” and set out to record an album that would
  contain everything they had as artists and as people.

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