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Wintermute (UK)

Wintermute (UK)
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Members of the band

  Daniel Howard - Guitar and Vox
  David Hemmings - Guitar and Vox
  Ben Johnson - Drums
  Chris Newbould - Bass

General info

  ‘…a well of talent and creativity that points
  to a bright future…’
  ‘…steeped in intensity and emotion...’
  - High Voltage Magazine
  Equally inspired by Interpol, Placebo and the loudest work of the Smashing Pumpkins, Leeds-based alt-rockers Wintermute combine infectious pop structures with angular indie-rock meddling. Consisting of singer/guitarists Dan Howard and David Hemmings, bassist Chris Newbould and drummer Ben Johnson, the band’s name is derived from a William Gibson novel and supplements their more artistic intentions. Howard, Hemmings and Johnson met while studying at University and set to work writing songs, while Newbould was soon to respond to an advertisement and joined their collaboration.
  The quartet issued a demo in 2005, entitled ‘Foundation’, attracting attention from local promoters and subsequently a strong following on their many live performances. The four-track EP featured the single, ‘It Could Be No Other Way,’ a pleasing slice of radio-friendly indie, yet the B-sides displayed a diverse range of sounds from melodic alt-rock, to grunge, rawk and metal. Much of their unique sound stems from Howard’s explosive vocals, fiercely startling at live shows. The band’s second EP, ‘Contra’, would prove an experimental leap from their debut release, incorporating more diverse rhythms and guitar effects, experimenting whole-heartedly with different elements of prog rock, jazz, drum ‘n’ bass, disco pop and art rock. It is this deluge of influences that make them such a popular talent in the ever-increasing circles of Leeds’ thriving music scene.
  The band have played extensively in the West Yorkshire region with successful excursions to Bradford and York, supporting the likes of Vib Gyor, The Authentics, Californian bluegrass outfit Eugene and Newcastle eccentrics Odd Shaped Head. They have won ‘Band of the Month’ two times running on Leeds’ premier music website, Leeds Music Scene, and have enjoyed radio airplay with their single ‘It Could Be No Other Way’ on the Pulse Unsigned network and are playlisted on Leeds Student Radio. They gig continuously, playing at many of Leeds’ most important music venues, from Joseph’s Well to the Vine, Carpe Diem and the New Roscoe.
  The quartet are currently writing new material and look forward to playing to larger audiences in 2006.

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