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Heathen Fist

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Members of the band

  Antti Kotilaine - Guitars
  A-P Mäkelä - Vocals
  Tuukka Ervasti - Drums
  Pekka Kolehmainen - Bass

General info

  Heathen Fist is a black metal band from northern Finland. 2006 songs are from our latest demo "Strong spirits and merciless attitude" which was recorded this summer. Ohter songs are from our "Black cold" demo recorded 2004. We are currently working with a new demo that is propably going to be released late this year and perhaps a twisted music video from one of our oldest songs. For more info send me a e-mail

Download free music

A Black Cold Winter Day n/a Download
And Ravens Picked Their Eyes n/a Download
By the Sword (2006) n/a Download
No More (2006) n/a Download
Old Spirits (2006) n/a Download
The Sleeping Legions n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks