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Members of the band

  Cláudia Ferreira - Vocals
  Nuno Correia - Guitar
  João Sousa - Bass Guitar
  António Perestrelo - Keyboards Guilherme Pimenta - Drums

General info

  WinterMoon is a melodic doom metal band from Portugal.
  WinterMoon is a musical project born in Almada (Portugal), in late autumn of 2001.
  Some say that it sounds like Lacuna Coil or Within Temptation.
  The band’s main purpose was a seamless blending from mildly aggressive metal based styles to a whole melodic and melancholic universe, without falling in easy formulas, clichés, or the lack of life that is known to great part of the bands within the Doom/Gothic Metal scene.

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Bleed Back to Life n/a Download
Deepest n/a Download
Sleeping Sadness n/a Download

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