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m windstream

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Members of the band

  Matt Windstream

General info

  Soundtrack artist and songwriter
  Acoustic and electric
  The five numbered tracks are adapted from a 2005 theater soundtrack. The music is for unaccompanied acoustic guitar.
  "Bad Habitue" and "St. Parr" feature the full band.
  All material is recorded in small apartments around town.
  More full band, with vocals, at We like new friends.

Download free music

1. Overture n/a Download
2. After Time After Time n/a Download
3. But What If There Is n/a Download
4. Sadie And Sylvia n/a Download
5. Hola Kari n/a Download
Bad Habitue n/a Download
St. Parr n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks