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Members of the band

  Aku: Throath
  Jani: Guitar, Backing vocals
  Hannu: Guitar
  Juha: Bass
  Jukka: Drums

General info

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  Whitemour was founded in the year 2006 in Seinäjoki Finland as a project of two men, when founding members, Jani and Miika, wanted to play for their own amusement. With electric drums and guitar they had their fun, but after a few short months of playing they became more and more eager to set up a real band.
  Once, in this certain party, where fumes of alcohol were floating around the room, agreement was made with Hannu. He demonstrated his skills with guitar and joined the band. But quite soon there emerged some problems with finding the rehearsal place but in March 2007 the dungeon was found. At this point, Whitemour was blessed with a two vocalists, Eero and Suvi, where Eero was leading vocalist and Suvi backing vocalist. Soon they started to work with their first demo. After the countless stumbles and corrections they finished making their demo. It was baptized as “Journal Of Flesh And Blood”.
  Murky year of 2007, between August and December, became even darker when there were some split-ups. Band was forced to let go of their vocalist for several different reasons and when you think you survived the bad, the worst was coming. Drummer announced that he’s going to withdraw from the band because the lack of time.Continuation of Whitemour lied at the edge of knife. Because of the financial problems, the rehearsal place had to be denounced. Band really hit the rock bottom but nonetheless Jani and Hannu kept fighting for their visions of music with influences of black-, death- and darkmetal.
  At the year of 2008 there was a little glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Whitemour was seeking furiously for the new drummer but least they expected that drummer found them. Predator became hunted we might say. Jukka contacted Hannu in the matter of unoccupied drummer’s vacancy. But not only Jukka offered his drummer’s skills, but a rehearsal dungeon too. So now there’s powerful and very alive Whitemour with the hunger of the pack of wolves.
  Year 2000 and eight brought new mastermind to the Whitemour lineup. Juha, who is also good in playing guitar, was invited to play bass guitar in Whitemour. Juha joined up and quickly assimilated his duty as bass player. Whitemour keeps getting stronger and stronger...
  This story is quite far from over. Not many weeks after Juha joined the band, Whitemour was blessed with vocalist Mikko. Vocal sessions
  were held on 24th of march. Mikko convinced the rest of the band with his voice and desire. Desire to hold microphone (and horns) up high, for the Whitemour!

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Baleful shadows n/a Download
Bloody creek n/a Download
Chaos anthem n/a Download
House of death n/a Download
Produced minds and sculpted beauty n/a Download

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