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Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm
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Members of the band

  BJ - vocals/screaming
  Jay - Guitar
  Ben - Bass Guitar
  Fritz - Drums
  Monkey - Guitar

General info


  Colorado Punk Rock...
  Ben and BJ grew up together playing in various punk hardcore bands (No Grounds For Mercy, Mindseye)throughout highschool in Evergreen CO. In 2002 Jay Shedlin recruted Ben and later BJ to join him an Fritz in a new project and Weather the Storm was formed. after deciding to take on another guitarist, Anthony Newby became the final member of Weather the Storm. All of the members have different musical influences ranging from Thrice and post hardcore to MadBall style oldschool hardcore to Dayglow Abortions leading to a unique conglomerate of punk rock and hardcore sounds. If you haven't heard a lot of WTS it is worth checking out a variety of their songs as they cover a wide range of style and influences from their early punk and hardcore days to the incorporation of a heavier metal edge. All of their mp3's can be heard at


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Above n/a Download
Victim of Reality n/a Download
Watch You Fall n/a Download

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