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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Andy Kennedy-vocals/guitar
  Andy dick-Bass
  Steph Hamilton-vocals/guitar
  Drums programmed by waystar

General info

  WaystaR formed early in 2001, and consisted of Andy K, Andy D, and Stef. Soon, they recruited a drummer called Al Strachan. The group wrote a set list of rock orientated songs and burnt a number of demo CDs. This let to a few gigs in and around Glasgow.
  During this time, tensions began between members over which musical direction to take. This eventually led to Al leaving the band to pursue a heavier sound.
  The remaining members auditioned a number of replacements. But for various reasons, none had that special connection, so the group decided to look to computer software for drums and backing effects. Now, the group have developed a more "relaxed" sound and can concentrate on making emotional, relevant songs.
  Thanks for reading.

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wake up to the world 3.80 MB Download

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