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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Mira Warlatscheff - vocals
  Juha Palo - guitars
  Pete Nyman - bass
  Rami Kokko - drums

General info

  WAVE plays melodic and energetic guitar rock combined with skillfull playing and singing, a good understanding of music dynamics and harmonies, and the ability to write catchy songs that will stand the test of time! WAVE's songs cover a fairly broad rock music range from softer, ballad-type songs to more up-tempo hard-rock style tunes. What comes to the songwriting process, Juha and Mira write the songs, and they also do most of the song arranging. Mira also writes the lyrics and then Pete and Rami join in for adding some of that necessary low-end and solid grooves and rythm to the songs.

Download free music

Before You 3.10 MB Download
Forgive And Forget 2.85 MB Download
Needles In My Ears 3.52 MB Download

Latest tracks

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