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Members of the band

  Antti Åström v & g
  Ipi Kiiskinen b & 2nd v
  Spanky Tikkanen g & 3rd v
  Tuomo Tolonen g
  Harri Lempinen d

General info

  Wasara is a Finnish hard rock/metal band. The journey of the band began in the summer of 1999. After couple of demos - “sinulle” (fall 2000) and “Wasara” (fall 2002). The band signed a record deal with a Finnish record label, Firebox Records in the year 2003.
  On April 2003 Wasara released their first single, “Kivisade”, from the album “Kaiken kauniin loppu”. And on July 2003, Wasara released their debut album. The album Kaiken kauniin loppu (The end of all beauty) was also released as a CD+ version at the beginning of the year 2004.
  Wasara released their second almbum "Meistä on maa täysi" on April 2005. It continues the journey of the Wasara with the same kind of deep feelings as the premier album. The album was recorded in the Seawolf Studios by Aaro Seppovaara (Blake).
  You can find Finnish melancholy and deep feelings from the music of Wasara. The material covers both aggressive and melodic tracks. The lyrics (which are made by Antti) are in Finnish.
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Yön syli (sample) 1.60 MB Download
Äitimaa 3.81 MB Download

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