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Waked Lunch

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Members of the band

  Rosemary Haskins- Writer/Producer/Engineer on all songs
  Blair Smart: Violin and Keys on "Insolent Ungodliness (OVer Breakfast)"
  Josh Guntel: - Writer, Bass and Organ on "The Green Monster"

General info

  Waked Lunch is the side-project of Rosemary Haskins. Born from the ventromedial frontal cortex of the brain, Waked Lunch is an experimental project that utilizes atmospheric sounds, samplers, strings, and other more common instruments such as drums, guitar, and synths. Inspired by William Burroughs and Angelo Badalamenti, the music is dark and melancholy, though somewhat frenzied, and often edited using Burroughs' writing technique "the Cut-Up Method."

Download free music

Insolent Ungodliness (Over Breakfast) n/a Download
Stomp the Yard (When They're All Dead) n/a Download
The Green Monster n/a Download

Latest tracks

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