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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Jason Cozzgriff - Vocals
  Chris Fleming - Guitar
  Steve Dollman - Bass
  Jason Maynard - Drums

General info

  A blend of Hard Rock, Darkness, Goth, Heavy metal with an old school touch. Halloween Band consists of a mix of Goth, and heavy metal. Our songs can get addicting to the ear . Throw in a mix of OZZIE, some Metallica, the sound of Lyrnyrd Skynyrd, the Slipknot drum styles, and a LITTLE BLACK SABBATH and you've got the sound of VOODOOSTASH
  The band formed in the winter of 2003 Band Members

Download free music

Dark Lady n/a Download
Immortal n/a Download
Madness n/a Download
Subconcious Healing "Live" n/a Download
The One to Rule "live" n/a Download

Latest tracks

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