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.:: s r u t h i . l a y a m ::.

.:: s r u t h i . l a y a m ::.
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Members of the band

  .:: SRUTHI.LAYAM ::.

General info

  Hi All...the songs posted here are not the Original version, these are my songs recorded using Kareoke tracks.
  If you download and listen please let me know your views...
  Have a gr8 day!!

Download free music

English - My Immortal n/a Download
Hindi - Chanda O Chanda n/a Download
Malayalam - Ennodenthinee Pinakkam n/a Download
Malayalam - Mayangi Poyi n/a Download
Tamil - Kannukku Mayyazhagu n/a Download
Tamil - Kuzhaloodhum Kannanukku n/a Download
Telugu - Manohara n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks