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Members of the band

  Jussi Pajunpää vocals, guitars
  Tero Vuolteenaho back vocals, guitars
  Tuomas Vuolteenaho drums
  Riku Pihlajamaa bass, "effectual vocals"

General info

  VIP was founded in 1999. Gradually our style has evolved into progressive, melodic, energig heavy metal. Riffs are fast moving and loaded with emotion. Solo guitarrs are greatly respected in our band. Drums are not just coming along, but are in themselves an own chapter with great variety and speed. Bass, of course, brings support to the rest, however, is also used as an instrument breaking the status quo. Unfortunately, to the English speakers, the deep thought lyrics are in Finnish... VIP has released altogether four records - eventho' only the last two are worth metioning - namely, Maahan Kauneuden ("Into the Land of Beauty") and Plugged. Demos are "under costruction" and new plate will come out as soon as we have the finance- side worked out.....

Download free music

Plugged - Kauanko vielä 5.51 MB Download
Plugged - Mustaa hiekkaa 4.48 MB Download
Plugged - Rakkaus kestää 5.02 MB Download
Plugged - Unohdin sinut 4.84 MB Download
Sokeita - Isä meidän 3.58 MB Download
Sokeita - Mihin sä meet n/a Download

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