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A VickRick Productions

A VickRick Productions
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Members of the band

  Rick "Beatmasta" Negrete(Producer/Composer/ Writer/Artist)
  Fernando "Victorious" Rivera(Producer/Artist/Composer/Writer)
  SL 500(Artist/Writer)
  Sesco Freestyle(Artist/writer)

General info

  Visit our website at We VickRick Productions are a full house production team. Check out are new artist SL 500. This are some of the samples from his first mixtape (SL 500 Mixtape Vol.1). For more info hit us up at (619)754-0082 or (619)589-0384

Download free music

SL 500 Get Rich Bitch(remix)(PLEASE VOTE) 1.96 MB Download
SL 500 Mixtape Intro(PLEASE VOTE) 1.88 MB Download
SL 500 Super Fast Flow(PLEASE VOTE) n/a Download
SL 500 U Can Get Offended(PLEASE VOTE) 3.38 MB Download
SL 500 Was In The Pen(PLEASE VOTE) 1.76 MB Download
SL 500 What Would U Do? (PLEASE VOTE) 1.65 MB Download

Latest tracks

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