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Members of the band

  Petri Kolkka - Guitar, Vocals
  Rami Laaksonen - Bass, Vocals
  Veijo Roponen - Guitar

General info

  The music of Veivi is Cyberpunk metal, which consists from rock, industrial, heavy, techno and punk. When is's played with two guitars, a bass and a computer, the result is something hard and different.
  You can get more info and music from official Veivi home pages.

Download free music

Aamuruusut 3.86 MB Download
Aurinko 3.74 MB Download
Jojonjatko 3.91 MB Download
Karhunhammas 5.62 MB Download
Saattokoti 3.30 MB Download
Varjoilija 3.83 MB Download
Verimylly 3.53 MB Download
Voimaorja 5.11 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks