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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Jan Kauppinen

General info

  I started composing music originally with Commodore 64 somewhere in 1987 and few years later i got my beloved Amiga 500. I made more than hundred tunes with it, which are all lost now ... Then there was many years when i didn't make music at all and actually lost the idea that i am a musician. But for few years now i've been composing something and now (early 2011) i've started to think i could be a musician again.
  I'm not a pro yet, but i think my music has some nice elements.
  I make mainly electronic music, but i also use some organic instruments, mainly violin and piano.
  At the moment, i use only my laptop for composing, maybe someday i'll get some other hardware.
  I started to share my tunes in net, because i had very good comments about them. So if my friends like 'em, perhaps you do too.
  Some words for future: i am now saving money for DJ-set (NUMARK MIXDECK). Long time i've been dreaming that i could play music for people. It would be a great opportunity to play some of my own stuff...

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Drunken Spirits n/a Download
First Steps n/a Download
Hypnotic n/a Download
Minimum Distance n/a Download

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