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General info

  Elad Emek a,k,a Vanghoul is well known for his multiple talents
  and unique music styles around the globe.A production that is based on
  pure musical skills and grate knowledge in the club world,bringing
  new and powerful ideas to the Trance scene.
  Known for his Rockstar moves and Pornstar Image Vanghoul
  leaves the scene in shock.
  Vanghoul released several products on labels like USTA,Mushy Records,
  Pukka Music,Yellow sunshine explosion,VIP zone
  And released the debate album VIOLENT ENERGY on 2007,
  10 hart pumping tracks on Digital CD.
  At the moment Vanghoul is working on several projects one is of them
  is Total Confusion,Elad Emek and Amir Talmor,with tracks like
  Marilyn Manson-Tainted Love REMIX and Receiving My Wings
  and many for will soon be revealed to the ears of the public.
  A project with Fj project of (italy) is currently taking place and
  is soon to be released on vinyl on Trance NRG Records.

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Tainted Love (Hard Mix) n/a Download

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