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General info

   A heavy metal band from San Antonio TX
  that had on their belts the # 1 spot in the gothic metal charts in TX , and in the year 2000 they had the # 1 spot in the U.S. at one point they were fighting against such giants as Alice Cooper and Cradle of Filth .
  The music apeals to a wide variety of listeners due to the versatillity of VAMPYRA making them a very unique blend of sound
  The band has been gaining an extensive fan base that goes from west to east coast in the U.S. also from Canada to India , and from China to Finland and the Netherlands .
  Vampyra's impact on the audience is great just by listening to the music , and none of these fans have seen the actual live performance ... Now a few years later into the story ;THe band is working in their new full studio lenght album . Remember " One day you will be bitten by VAMPYRA and you will become one of us "

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Angels in Pain n/a Download
Guernica 1.61 MB Download
The Devil looks like You n/a Download
The Rose 2.04 MB Download

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