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Members of the band

  Riku 'K-oz' Hopeakoski - Lead and Clean Guitar, Backing Vocals
  Ari 'WarTechs' Nissilš - Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
  Veikko 'Moottorisaha' Jumisko - Drums
  Mikko 'D-Stroy' Hepo-oja - Bass

General info

  Unwrap plays metal with new elements on it. We do not fear of trying new things, as you can hear on promo '03, which is downloadable on our website But the new demo shows the way on the direction of the Unwrap.

Download free music

Elemental Warrior n/a Download
Leave It All Once Again n/a Download
Sacrifice n/a Download
Teuvo - Maanteiden Kuningas n/a Download
The Fall n/a Download
Unwrap The Anger n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks