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Members of the band

  Sean Cox - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
  Eric Seiz - Lead Guitar
  Lou Takacs - Drums/Percussion
  Eric Witkowski - Keyboards/Percussion
  Angelo Anastasio - Bass

General info

  We just won the 2003-2004 National Hard Rock Cafe/SOBE "Ultimate Altitude Buzz" Battle of the Bands. They sent us out to Steamboat, Colorado to play with Simple Plan in front of a 1,600+ crowd. Everyone should have an experience like this! Our music stems from an acoustic guitar and is mixed with straight up rock and very soothing vocal lines. But our music can have a sensitive side as well, leaving no age constraints. Come one, come all. Rhythmically, our music embeds itself into the heart of the listener and our live shows release a disease that is contagious to anyone that comes in contact! Keep your eyes and ears open for UNAMED!

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I Know n/a Download
Vindication n/a Download

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