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Members of the band

  Shaadie - Music/Vocals
  Shanna - Vocals

General info

  Out of Reach ..... Way Far EXILED. ULTRAMUNDANE would like to thank you for spending your time exploring our world of emotions. In the new album, EXILED, we tried to expose the truth as complex as we experienced it. The concept of "exiled" comes from a natural point of view, and not a political type of exile. At some point in life we all experience the "exile," which is a state of different forces in motion through our minds, spirits and bodies. Energies that we discover, energies that we extinguish. Powers of endless meanings. New types of joy and suffering. A complete harvest of the crops of our time spent alive...The album has a variety of musical experiences that hover between the ambient-experimental and the classical-industrial genres, all wrapped in darkwave leaves. Places that had a great influence and impact on the tunes and composition of EXILED are, Alexandria Egypt, L.A., Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas, Sinai and Agamy beach. The album was recorded in the period between new years eve 2003 until march the 25th of the same year. We used better methods of recording, trying to deliver a better sound every time we composed something new. And its only going to improve, for we learn everyday.

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