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Tyler Sanford

Tyler Sanford
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Tyler Sanford- Guitar, Vocals

General info

  Hailing from the small town of Bourne (Massachusetts), Tyler Sanford is a Modern Rock artist/singer-songwriter who incorporates rather serious plots into his songs. Though his main specialty concerns story songs involving mostly fictional characters, his also touches on such topics as love, betrayal, war, and one of his songs even revolves around racism.
  Tyler's newest storyteller, "Graduation Day", is a song written to his best friend, who he considers his brother, or "like a shadow," which is about two teenagers that attend an after-graduation party. Without giving away the story, lets just say it has a rather dramatic ending. "Graduation Day" is probably Tyler's deepest story song to date, but other tales include "Rhea," "Belong," and "This Broken Place."
  Tyler Sanford began his recording hobby as a classic rock sounding artist, with songs such as "Sunrise Every Day" and the very personal "Hiding Behind The Fog," a song dedicated to his own mother. However, after a couple of years, Tyler's inspirations led to songs with a more modern feel.
  Nowadays, the light-rocker is demonstrating both sides of his creations. One side is the faster, more distorted songs focusing somewhat on power chords, while the other is the mellow side which enforces melody more than anything.

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Graduation Day n/a Download
Kiss By A Stream n/a Download
The Girl That Gave Life n/a Download
Veterans Day n/a Download
Where Ash Meets Coal n/a Download
While This Love Still Lasts n/a Download

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