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Lost in Twilight

Lost in Twilight
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Members of the band

  Jii Adore - Vocals
  Janne H - drums
  jarno H - Keys
  Jarno L - Lead G
  Sami - Rhythm G

General info

  We are a band that plays fast-melancholic-metal.
  Band was formed in 96
  and has been pumping music ever since...

Download free music

As Mist Descends 4.65 MB Download
Circle of Eternal Sorrow 6.13 MB Download
Diamonds in the Dust 4.07 MB Download
Forest of Frozen Time 5.21 MB Download
Forever Autumn 4.08 MB Download
Fountain Of Dreams 4.45 MB Download
Paralyzing Agony 5.04 MB Download
To Forgive 4.44 MB Download
Tranquility Before The Storm 5.87 MB Download
Twilights Call (intro) 1.68 MB Download
Vaya Con Diablos 5.48 MB Download
Winter's Son 5.05 MB Download

Latest tracks

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