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Tman Jazz

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Members of the band

  Teemu "Tman": Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer programming

General info

  Teemu "Tman" Have done mod music since 1993-1998. After the mod music decade he moved step to a digital recording music (mp3).

Download free music

Decision of Emotion (Electronic Symphony) 1.28 MB Download
Double Rainbow (live in Helsinki) 2002 by Teemu Vehkala Group 4.78 MB Download
Drunk IV (c) 1996 Vocals: Teemu & Aleksi 4.38 MB Download
Ghost (c) 1995 Teemu Vehkala Music 3.80 MB Download
Hard Feelings Night (c) 2001 1.16 MB Download
Renesaince opus part I 1.54 MB Download
The Light of Spring (c) 1996 4.33 MB Download
The One Step 6.98 MB Download
The Opus Part II (c) 2000 3.61 MB Download
Uffo (humour song) Vocals:Teemu & Aleksi (c) 1996 3.16 MB Download

Latest tracks

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