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3Trü.ski of the toMorroW peOple...

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   Against the grain of opposition, Trévor “Trü.Skills” Peterson a.k.a. 3Trü.ski (pronounced: tray-trew-skee)has managed to set the precedent as an accomplished Producer/Songwriter and MC/Vocalist. Over the past fifteen years he has participated in numerous live performances and has recorded a number of original songs. During his journey, he has successfully taken on several instruments (i.e., piano and saxophone). His musical prowess and initiative led him and his long-time friend Paul "You" Carr to establish "the toMorroW peOple…". What started out as a production company grew into a collective of like minded individuals that work together to transmit "feel good" music. 3Trü.ski's vision is a musical experience that breaks through the boundaries of traditional categorization. With a fusion of jazz, R&B, hard rock, world, and hip hop, he truly represents the new age of global music.
  Currently Trü.ski is working on his as of yet untiled debut solo album following his 2002 compilation album "the dawn of a new soul" (which will be back in stock very soon). Outside of his own project he stays busy producting for other artists...His most recent project is a soulful crooner by the name of Darien Brockington... ( out "Beautiful", and "Seduction" featuring 3Trü.ski himself!!!!!!
  Stay Tuned!!!!...

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