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e a r l

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Mark Stucas - Lead Vox/Guitar
  Troy Lourens - Guitar/Vox
  Chris Schrantz - Bass/Vox
  Tom Brown - Drums

General info

  e a r l is a dynamic independent band from Melbourne, Australia, the coalescence of the musical desires of four strapping young men. Originally the brain child of Mark and Tommy, earl has grown and matured over the years into a fine four piece rock outfit.
  For more years than this writer cares to count, Tommy and Mark have been playing together in one way or another and have had past success in many ventures including as an acoustic duo playing in restaurants and bars. The years have formed a tight bond between Tommy and Mark which translates through everything they do. It was inevitable that they would one day sit down and decide to create their own music.
  Built on solid foundations, the original desire was to write and play music that both Mark and Tommy wanted to listen to and have fun while doing it. They built upon simple song structures with punchy lyrics and catchy tunes. earl began playing around Melbourne at various clubs and pubs and were exciting audiences with their toe tapping tunes and are consistently attracting larger and larger audiences.
  As the years progressed and the audiences got larger, it became apparent that earl needed more, and that what it needed was Troy and Chris to add to the already powerful sound.
  Recruited in the latter part of 2009, both Troy and Chris slid into their spots with such ease that you would be forgiven for thinking that they had always been there. Troy has rendered earl with classic guitar tones and tasteful lead breaks while Chris has added to the depth of earl giving much needed warmth to the low end.
  earl has a powerful sound that embraces the listener with a warmth that is beyond description by mere words. It is punchy and gritty without being confrontational. It is aggressive while comforting. It may be more precise to say, earl's music just is.
  e a r l
  Forming their dreams into music...
  to be continued...

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Cant Be Love (unmastered) n/a Download
Day Without Me (unmastered) n/a Download
Love Interest (unmastered) n/a Download
You And I (unmastered) n/a Download

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