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Tropical heat

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  M.Mushroom: vocals
  H.Misscarriage: guitar
  Anton Town: drums
  Speedy Häkkinen: rythm gtr
  Åke Northburns: bass

General info

  Tropical heat plays ass kicking rock'n'roll with free style and such a 'tuff' attitude.
  here are some musical influences:
  the rolling stones,led zeppelin,hurriganes,david bowie,hellacopters,black sabbath, pink floyd, jefferson airplane, the beatles, the knack, the who
  what else should I say...come to see our live shows and you'll see!
  rock your brains out!
  (and you can visite our homepage if you wanna know some more about us)

Download free music

Tropical heat-Aged lespaul 5.51 MB Download
Tropical heat-Are you,aren´t you 4.10 MB Download
Tropical heat-Daydreams 5.31 MB Download
Tropical heat-Forbidden tribulation 4.43 MB Download
Tropical heat-Fullday jammers 3.78 MB Download
Tropical heat-I can´t escape you 5.23 MB Download

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