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Members of the band

  Jarkko Kolehmainen - Vocals
  Jarno Hamalainen - Guitars
  Jarkko Immonen - Keyboards
  Arto Hamalainen - Bass
  Timo Hyttinen - Drums

General info

  Triton is a finnish hardrock/heavy metal group.
  The music style is influenced by Ronnie James Dio,
  Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Deep Purple.

Download free music

A Dream Within A Dream 3.65 MB Download
I'm alive 3.43 MB Download
Lady Darkness 3.98 MB Download
On The Road Of No Return 2.67 MB Download
Remember yesterday 3.36 MB Download
The neverending dream 4.17 MB Download
Walk on fire 2.40 MB Download

Latest tracks

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