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Members of the band

  All Music composed by Scott Hanshew; Triptonikhan

General info

  It was a late night, just about dawn, and Edward enjoyed his nightly cigarette breaks. He liked the way the smoke snaked out of his lungs, and he didn't care what society thought. He watched the security cameras sweep the lawn in front of the Chemical Music Laboratory. He didn't pay much attention to what went on in the facility, frankly because the job paid well, but more seriously because he was desperately afraid of the research behind those doors. WIth a soothing, destructive crash, a beast spewing music from it's face, violet and fiery, leaped from the window over Edward's smoke canopy. The blast of music deafened Edward before it killed him. Police reports indicate he died with a smile on his face.
  The Chemical Music Laboratory was able to extract audio from Edward's memory exactly when he died. Oddly enough, in the instance of death a sound loop was created so powerful it short circuited the entire building. Scientists sliced the loop out so it could spill over an empty track. Amazingly, the loop has never stopped playing since then and scientists are continuing to document activity.
  (Excerpts from the endless loop are available on this site.)
  The beast that escaped was known as a superhuman hybrid of music and plant, a beast known as Triptonikhan.
  Triptonikhan was once a scientist at the lab. Back when he first started he was called Scott Hanshew. He developed a formula to transfer music into all forms of gas and matter. He began over exposure to this musical epiphany and soon became dependent on it. His device was a large tank of musically altered water where he would submerge himself and breath musical smoke through a large face mask. It changed him. It energized him. He felt good, he felt unique.
  When the night janitor Earl strolled up thorough the back parking lot he had a lot on his mind. This being the second of his two jobs for that day he was already at half mass. Plus now Jenny was mad at him for missing Gregory's soccer game. The bitch, he thought bitterly. It was reasonable to understand that he might walk past his usual broom closet and open the wrong locked door. He struggled with different keys on the lock, still unaware that it was not his broom closet. When he finally got the door unlocked he opened it to find a large dark lab. Where did they put my fuckin' mop? was Earl's first thought, but then, as his vision became adjusted he noticed a soft blue light at the far end of the lab. Curiously, he started towards it. There was an unusual sloshing noise, and he paused. After a moment of silence Earl continued. When he turned the corner he saw a large rectangular aquarium with blue light emanated from the water. In the center of the cage was a mass of free creatures that reminded him of his teenage years on acid. Earl got close to the glass to watch the organisms move. He couldn't figure out what they were. And then they were gone. Earl vigorously wiped the glass looking around the cage. All of a sudden, a multitude of claws were in his back, tentacles then surrounding him, crushing him. Whatever had him was emitting the most penetrating, eerie tunes at the highest amplitude imaginable, splitting his ear drums immediately. The next and last thing Earl felt was complete emersion into the tank of sound.
  Triptonikhan gained a new addiction that night.
  Scientists Sam and Eric sat in Sam's car out in the back parking lot. "It's too fucking cold to go in right now. Plus, we're still 10 minutes early." Sam said as he soaked his donut in coffee. Eric didn't respond. He hated the way Sam's car smelled. He wished he could get over this fact, but the smell is too much. Eric didn't feel he was good enough friends with Sam to tell him about his odor problem. The smell didn't just stop at the car, oh no, everywhere in the lab he trailed a little bit of smell. Eric hated the way Sam smelled in general. He wished he didn't have to get rides with him every morning, but the buses came too early for Eric, and wouldn't wait in the living room while he finished shaving. Oh well. "I tell ya," Sam barked through a mouth of donut, " That Hanshew is goin' mad. He knocked down his secretary, eh whats-her-name, Sally, yeah, the kid with the nice rack, anyways, yesterday when she opened his office door he slammed the door right on her face. She's got bruises and everything. He said he couldn't be disturbed." Eric watched the donut crumbs dribble down Sam's belly and on to the seat to be ignored. He had witnessed the latter part of the incident the day before. His secretary, lying on the ground bleeding heavily through her nose and lip. He had helped her to the bathroom to wash off her face. He got her some spare clothes from his office. She didn't want to press charges, for some odd reason. Eric figured she'd been abused before maybe her father, maybe her husband, maybe both. Eric finally convinced her to put in a report to the lab directors and take the rest of the day off, if not longer. Word spreads quickly around the lab, so Eric was not surprised that the disgusting blob sitting next to him, with his air conditioner blasting hot, smelly air all over Eric, had heard about the incident.
  Eric couldn't take the smell anymore. " I'm going inside." he said, opening the door to bitter cold, refreshing winter air. " Oh come on!" Sam whimpered "Alright, but I'm staying." Whatever was what Eric mumbled to himself in his head as he shut the door. Eric noticed a battered looking pick up in the lot that was unfamiliar to him. As he swiped his keycard and entered his pin he heard a faint bass line. Eric assumed it was from a passing car and entered the building. As he walked down the hall and to the right to his lab he noticed liquid all over the floor. ERic did his best to tip toe through what ever it might be to his door, keeping his nose and mouth covered by his shirt. Before he got the door open a vine wrapped around his left ankle and brought him down on his jaw hard. Half conscious, Eric tried to scream, but quickly found his jaw broken. The halls were windowless and dark as he was dragged furiously across the wet linoleum floors. As he took a corner he was slammed headlong into the edge of a wall, breaking his arm. He was getting closer to a strange sounding music every second. A blue light was up ahead. Eric saw that what was pulling him was a large tentacle with blue fur and claws protruding from every angle. He was being dragged along many vines now, a giant root system. A giant pool was being tapped at every angle by an extraordinarily large, moving plant mass. The music was unbearably loud. Eric saw the eyes. Then he saw the mouth. Then he saw no more.
   Meanwhile Sam had barely made it ten feet down the hall and into the menís room. As he sat on the cold seat he grooved to the bass lines coming from down the hall, oddly puzzled at who else who worked here listened to trip hop. Perhaps he could finally connect with someone. No one wanted to be his friend. Maybe it was because he was fat and ugly. His mom told him that was not true. She also told him that he would make plenty of friends. She promised that every new school year. But did it ever happen? The computer was his best friend. The computer always wanted to play with him. the microscope was a good friend too. Everything was close to him that way. Some one opened the door and dropped a large object on the ground. It wade a large slopping sound and Sam bent over to see what it was under the stall door. A big hairy vine lay on the ground and it was turning. Claws everywhere on the vine twitched. ďHey, what is that dude?Ē Sam laughed. The vine twitched and opened itís eye. Sam blanched and the vine wrapped his feet before he could stand up. It pulled Sam through the space under the stall door, breaking the door in the process. Many vines held the door open and fixed themselves on Sam once they were belting down the hallway. The music increased as Sam was dragged further into the darkness. Sam felt a familiar pain in his chest. Sam died of a heart attack before Triptonikhan consumed his essence.
  Not even going to talk to that bastard, Sally muttered to herself as she walked through the back parking lot of the lab. She had just come down to the office to get her laptop, which she had left after that asshole slammed the door on her face. She supposed it was her fault for disturbing him and it had been rude of her to enter without knocking. She wanted to tell everybody that he was a problem drinker, but she wasnít that mean. She was fairly certain he had been swigging a bottle when she interrupted him, though she couldnít recall the label. She just didnít want to cause a big problem. Her nose still hurt and hadnít fully stopped bleeding yet. Jerome was angry the she had left the laptop at work since they needed to file their taxes. He didnít even seem to care that she had been beaten by another man. She didnít even seem to care. She had built up a callace to it, though that didnít make it easier or better. She caught herself when she slipped on water cascading the staircase. These fucking heels, I swear to god, Sally muttered. She gained access to the building and had walked two steps when she felt herself slip again, this time the slip forced her to the ground. The slip then bound her to the floor, constricting her body and squeezing. Her vision crept purple stars as the blood rushed to her head. The thumping of her heart drowned out her sight and she saw no more.
  Triptonikhan was growing throughout the laboratory. It felt good to extend all the way through the basement and up to the roof tops. Growth would be complete soon. As the night dawned, Triptonikhan had fed on fourteen other scientists. They all felt good in the stomach, some wriggling around. Triptonikhan needed to count the bodies to know how many flowers to create. This was hard because some of them had melted together during digestion. Near the windows Triptonikhan created pods for the flowers to grow. Triptonikhan was pleased that they were growing so fast. It transferred one body to each flower pod and began to merge them with the vines, melting music into their frail human forms. At dawn the seeds set spore and burst through the windows, all of his creatures setting out to germinate the world with the sounds of Triptonikhan. One of the beings killed a night watchman and Triptonikhan laughed however a giant plant building laughs. The world would soon be Triptonikhanís.

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