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Members of the band

  Trip- songwriter and rapper
  Leave me a voice comment wit ya 1-1(641)985-7800 and enter *1908816

General info

  Trip - Players Association "Sponsored by the Smokers" Trying to get one foot out the game and into another and I dont play sports , So whatever ya got to say need to make short -518- The Capital District (New York);Albany(Uptown),Schenectady, Troy,Saratoga...Whats happening
  Fuck a comparison place me in a different category
  2006 make my presence its mandatory
  who ya think fooling ya fam is corny
  My lifes a saga yours sounds like a standard story
  Know ya type get all hype after ya take a shot and slam a 40
  Completely diff. person sober as ya stand before me
  Go ahead sleep I wont rest till ya fans adore me
  Till Iím in a position of power and ya cant ignore me

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