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Trick Sensei

Trick Sensei
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Members of the band

  Trick Sensei is:
  Jeremy Gordon- guitars & vocals
  Aaron Hutzler- drum kit
  Gerald del Campo- bass
  Andres Caputo- guitars & vocals

General info

  Trick Sensei n. (trik sen-sa)
  A roguish teacher possessing a mischievous personality. Usually depicted in myth or folklore, often an animal, who typically makes up for physical weakness with cunning and subversive humor.

  Often joined by Joshua Boyd - theremin, loops, vocals. Trick Sensei's five very different individuals come from a multitude of backgrounds with diverse musical tastes and have settled in the same place to form a solid musical community.
  Gordon, Caputo, and Boyd originally started creating music together in 1996 and the chemistry is evident. Trick Sensei has managed to create a sound that doesn't fit in a specific genre or scene but is completely Trick Sensei.

Download free music

And n/a Download
Ghosts Leave No Shadows n/a Download
Goodbyes n/a Download
Running Away Again n/a Download
Taken Away n/a Download

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