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-101 INK: Trick Of The Devil (TOTD)-

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Members of the band

  Joey Pestachio - Lyrics & Programming.
  Tommy Berrocco - Guitar & Backing Vocals.

General info

  APPOLOGY: Some users may have had problems getting tracks, this has now been rectified>
  "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist."
  101 Ink presents.......
  Thought Provoking, Introspective Stoner Music.
  From Cypress Hill to Massive Attack to Ian Brown and all the way back round, so dig in and dabble with the devil!

Download free music

Disposal of the Threat n/a Download
False Conciousness n/a Download
Fan of the Music n/a Download
Insomnia (Nightmare Mix) n/a Download
M.D.M.A n/a Download

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