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Trentum Project

Trentum Project
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Members of the band

  Sonia R - Vocals
  Julio (Kim) - Guitar Player, Bass Player, Keyboards, vocals.
  Jophre T - Drums
  Leslie K - Keyboards 2, Cello.

General info

  Trentum project was founded on January 1, 1999 by the guitar player Julio (Kim). Trentum Project focus all the songs in the Symphonic Progressive Metal music. But before that Trentum was merely an experiment project of instrumental industrial sounds with guitar solos. First CD was a compilation of jam sessions including the jazz, guitar rock, blues and experimental. One CD was done "Fingers of Hate and Love" and put on sale at retired the CD already).
  Three years has passed and Trentum evolutions to the Symphonic Metal Progressive Rock. All the songs and music is written by Kim (guitar player). Each song was provided with all the classic and neoclassic elements playing by different instruments in different sections. To get a view of how the songs were done here are the components of the Trentum Project:
  Electric Guitars
  Acoustic Guitars
  Electric Bass
  Acoustic Bass
  Sound Effects
  8 Voices Chorus (big chorus)
  violin, viola and Cello
  The most difficult part of Trentum was finding the right vocal singer more than the technical skills to play all the instruments on contemporary meters like (7/4, 11/8, 5/4, etc).
  Characteristics of Trentum's Music:
  Very melodic notes on the lyrics.
  Very high speed drums and bass performance.
  Deep and Very Very Very Dark Instrumentation using keyboards, Electric Guitars and Chorus.
  Independency of the instruments based on Polyphonic structures. (study Johan Sebastian Bach, George.)
  Presto sessions of bass, drums and guitars. (Listen to Beyond the Infinity, Eric).
  And my favorites: Harmonic notes and Dissonance notes.
  Right now all the instrumental stuff was already recorded. So we are working very hard on the lyrics with different singers. I have listened to the terrible kind, the regular kind and the good stuff. Now we are working with a girl that promise to be something good. And mix perfect with the songs themes.
  So in just a few months I will get the Single CD "74 Minutes after..." available for you. Now we have available the Instrumental one. Order yours for free (only to USA and territories). We also will have a Single with three songs. The Full CD will be available soon with all the lyrics.
  Future CDs:
  Well with the help of God I hope to finish this project. Trentum is a project of seven (7) CDs will be the history of a man named Loix (Loix means Law in English (this is the old French language, Scott) . We are in the copyright process so I can't tell you more. You will find out in the Full CD version

Download free music

Beyond the Infinity - Instrumental 2.72 MB Download
THE PICTUREE 3.57 MB Download
Time to go home 6.27 MB Download

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