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Members of the band

  Rob "Top$helf" Thomas

General info

  What up, my name is topshelf as shown. I get a lot of people that say I sound like jay. To me I sound like me. I don't jock or copy styles. I play around on mixtapes and have fun but am very serious on albums. I work wit a very talented team tht shares the same love for music as I do. We wanna put our city and other talented peers on the map. The true to there self people. So some support and ill show love

Download free music

2 smooth ( mixtape) n/a Download
killin this shit (mixtape) n/a Download
sleepy ft. Topshelf- Boodro Diss n/a Download
So Easy n/a Download
Topshelf- 7min FS n/a Download
Topshelf- Im Here n/a Download
Topshelf-arrogance n/a Download

Latest tracks

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