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Members of the band

  Nate - Lyrics, Vocals, Midi
  Josh - Guitar, Backup Vocals, Midi

General info

  We are TootleFurt, a musical experience like no other. We genre hop constantly so you just have to check our stuff out. We try to make it as hilarious, satirical, and enjoyable as possible.

Download free music

Afterbirth Omelate 2.72 MB Download
Collin 1.19 MB Download
Deadgirl Anthem 2.13 MB Download
Fall into Your Anus 4.58 MB Download
Fuck Tha Police 2.96 MB Download
How's your News? 1.25 MB Download
Puke on Your Head 1.83 MB Download
Sk8r Boi 2.52 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks